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One-on-One Online Training

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Your own personal MYOB qualified trainer will provide you with the ultimate online learning environment. You can then focus on your specific needs and ensure that you are getting the most out of the online course!


Get It Right with MYOB Online Training

We understand how hard it can be to learn in a group environment. Don’t get lost in the crowd again with our One-on-One MYOB training option! This option allows you to focus in on exactly what section of the program you require. Whether you need basic help or require some brushing up on finer details, our One-on-One online training sessions give you the most personal experience possible.

At MYOB Trainer you will work on your business information and company accounts – not theoretical numbers and information.  By using your own business information, you will implement key learning immediately making your life easier while saving time.


Why Opt For Online Training?

Even with the growth of the Internet with forums and online tutorials, you cannot beat the advantage of a customised Online training program that gives you the exact skills you require. If you can’t find the appropriate time, or if small group learning isn’t the most effective way for you, our MYOB Trainer Online courses are you’re ideal solution.

Quick tip Recurring Transactions
A recurring entry is a deposit or withdrawal that happens frequently. Using recurring transactions makes data entry faster and less prone to mistakes.

Focus on what you want to learn

One-on-One online sessions are the perfect option for people who are struggling with a particular element of MYOB AccountRight! Being such a huge software program, you probably don’t need to know every fine detail, just stick to what is going to be practical for you.  So tell us exactly what you need help with and we will design a MYOB online training program specifically for you.


Training price list

Quick StartEssentialsExtrasPayroll
One to OneOne to OneOne to OneOne to One
2 sessions x 2 hours each3 sessions x 2 hours each4 sessions x 2 hours each3 hours session
What you'll learnWhat you'll learnWhat you'll learnWhat you'll learn
All of the QuickStart PackageAll of the Essentials Package
Setup company fileReconciling bank accountsJobsSetting up Payroll
Customising your fileBank fees and direct debitsCategoriesEmployee rates & setup
Setting up your accountsPetty CashBudgetsCreating new wage categories
Setting up GST CodesCredit CardsStockTime Sheets
Create Customer CardCredit noteBusiness Activity StatementHoliday & sick pay
Create Supplier CardPrinting & emailing invoicesSuperannuation
Creating invoicesPrinting & emailing purchasesDeductions
Entering customer's paymentSales order and quotesHow to record PAYG tax payment
Spending moneyRecurring transactionsEnd of the Year checklist
Receiving moneyReportsPayment summaries
Creating PurchasesSplit transactionsStarting a new payroll year
Paying SuppliersSetting up Single Touch Payroll
Recurring Transactions
Bank feeds

Get Started today, get in contact with us now to discuss your MYOB Training needs no obligation
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